The Statement of the Head Imam of the Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks Dr. Sabahudin ef. Ćeman Regarding the Terrorist Attack in New York City

Deeply saddened by today's terrorist attack that took place in New York City, in which eight innocent people have been killed and many more have been wounded, I condemn this cowardly act.


As citizens of the country we call our own, the attack on any innocent person in the United States is perceived as an attack on ourselves.


Freedom is the greatest value of this country and of every human being in it. We hope that the US authorities will remain steadfast and strong in the fight against terrorism. By doing so, we hope to preserve the great values of this country and at the same time prevent terrorists’ intention to incite anger towards Islam and Muslims with their attacks.


We must always remember that the murder of an innocent man is equal to the murder of the entire humanity. Therefore, we invite all Muslims of this country to condemn this act without any hesitation. Terrorism and murder do not represent our faith or our community, and those who make terrorist attacks do not have moral, religious nor political justification.


The Islamic Community of Bosniaks in North America is grieving with the families of the victims and they are in our thoughts and prayers.