Press release regarding statements of Imran Hosein

Br: 01/NA-21/15
Phoenix, AZ: Sawal 2, 1436. H year,
 July 18, 2015.
Press release regarding statements of Imran Hosein
On behalf of all Bosniak based communities in North America, the Islamic Community
of North American Bosniaks (ICNAB) rejects and condemns the views and statements of Sheikh
Imran Hosein in his denial of genocide in Srebrenica and the events of war in Bosnia and
Herzegovina. In his statements, Mr. Hosein places blame of what took place in Srebrenica solely
on the West and NATO. The views expressed in his video address are in line with the architects
and perpetrators of the aggression against Bosnia and Herzegovina and genocide against
In a video that was released a few days ago, Imran Hosein (who is trying to gain
popularity with his controversial interpretations of world events), has sent a shameful and
insulting message directly to Bosniaks, denying that Serbs committed genocide against Bosniaks.
In the year that marks 20 years since the genocide in Srebrenica, the biggest crime after
the Holocaust in Europe, views expressed by Imran Hosein are offensive to all survivors and
witnesses of the aggression and genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as all true friends
of truth and justice in North America.
The International Criminal Tribunal of the Former Yugoslavia and the International
Court of Justice ruled long ago and made final judgments that confirm the genocide in
Srebrenica. At the same time US Congress and Senate, the Canadian Parliament and the
parliaments of many countries have confirmed with their resolutions political judgment of
greatest legal authority in the world. There is a general consensus among experts in the study of
genocide that systematic killing of more than 8,372 Bosniaks in Srebrenica is an act of genocide.
With his denial of legal, historical, scientific research and all political facts of genocide in
Srebrenica, Mr. Hosein is in reality not acting as a Muslim leader or a believer. He is instead,
siding with those who have designed and carried out genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Prior to making such statements, Mr. Hosein should have visited the biggest Bosniak
execution site in Srebrenica. There, he would have seen countless rows of white headstones that
serve as a witness of genocide, which took place. It isn’t necessary for him to visit now, but
everyone else who intends to speak about the genocide should personally go to the Potocari in
Srebrenica. Indeed, it is a site of largest genocide and crime since the Second World War in
Guided by the verse 6. from chapter 49 (The Apartments): "O you who believe, if a
wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest you harm people unwittingly,
and afterwards become full of repentance for what you have done," Islamic Community of North
American Bosniaks calls upon all Bosniak based communities in North America to condemn and
take a stand against the immoral views and statements of Mr. Hosein. In addition, they should
prohibit any of his activities in their communities, and warn their members not to attend his
lectures or participate in any of his gatherings.
Mr. Sabahudin ef. Ćeman
Head Imam / President
Islamic Community of North American Bosniaks - ICNAB